On Artificial Intelligence in China

The Chinese government aims to push for the country to become a “world-leading” player in artificial intelligence by 2030. In order to make it a reality, both the government and the private sector will make important investments. For instance, the central government announced the construction of a technology park dedicated to develop artificial intelligence (AI). Located in West Beijing, the AI Tech Park will cost around USD 2.1 Billion. It will contain a national AI research center, with a focus on forming partnerships with foreign research institutions and companies. It will focus on developing areas such as super high-speed big data, cloud computing, biometric identification and deep learning, and it will include a 5G mobile network. In 2017, China published a three-year-plan to invest heavily in AI and apply the technology across the country’s economy. Moreover, a specific industry that has become a national priority for Applied-AI solutions is autonomous vehicles. The National Development and Reform Commission announced that it aimed for half of all new cars to implement AI by 2020, and for 90 percent of big cities and highways to be wired to support the technology. In this regard, Baidu is one of the leading companies developing intelligent solutions for autonomous vehicles. Its open-source software, “Apollo”, will power autonomous vehicles across China in the near future.

In order to get a deep dive on the efforts that Baidu is doing on AI, listen to the Sinica Podcast episode: "Inside China's AI Revolution" and get to know how the company is applying talent to AI puzzles, and where its advantages and disadvantages lie in the new world of Chinese AI research.

Last but not least, drop us an email to get to know your insights on AI in your industry/country: Which impact will AI have on human interactions (day-to-day task, work, relationships, among others) in the coming years?

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